Attendance Reports


  • School2016 will replicate any format of Attendance format the school presently uses. The format on the left is just a suggestion. It is very clear, easy to read and popular.
  • Every Student can access his/her Attendance records for verification to make sure there are no errors.
  • Parents can access Attendance records of their children
  • Teachers can access Attendance records of his/her students
  • Term and Annual reports can include summary of Attendance the Database
  • Email and Text Alerts that are sent by School2016 uses Attendance details stored in the Database.
  • Where RFID [Radio Frequency Identification] is used for automatic monitoring of Attendance, Teachers can see the names of Students who have not logged-in on their Smart-Phones, or printout. Teachers can verify their absence in class. This will occur when Students have lost or forgotten to bring their RFID cards.