Convincing Teachers

The first step is to let Teachers see the features and benefits of School2016. We show a Demo of Attendance using sample students. It works on PCs and Smart-phones. Even Teachers not exposed to computer can learn in 5 minutes. It takes about 5 to 10 seconds to enter Attendance for a class. You can see it for yourself.

In our experience Teachers like School2016. Most reports are generated by School2016. They have access to Data 24/7, from anywhere. They can work from home

Convincing Management

You cant just ask Management. You have to approach them after you make sure Teachers and Parent like and want School2016. You can confirm this, without cost or commitment with Demo and Trial. We can start in one class and if Parents and Teachers like it, we can add others classes and modules

If teachers like it and Parents want it, Management will surely approve, as it is FREE to schools. This works well

Working with School2000/UK

  • School2000/UK will provide a coordinator. Each school must also provide a coordinator, who is good in Chat Email, English and in Microsoft Office
  • All technical matters are managed by the two Coordinators. The Coordinator from the schools will work and train Teachers, Students, Parents and Staff
  • The two Coordinators can fix a suitable time to communicate in advance by Text or Email

Schools must provide:

  1. Security for School2016 which is offered on loan. It remains the property of School2000/UK
  2. A Coordinator from the school as explained in Column 3
  3. Provide and pay for a local Internet and local Text-delivery service.
  4. Insurance cover for all contingencies, including theft, fire, floods, inadvertent and willful damage as well as reinstallation cost.
  5. Collection services for Subscription from Parents