Schools Management System

The responsibility of School2000/UK is to provide Finance, Technology [Software, Hardware and Support] as a single point supplier. It makes life easier for Teachers and Staff. Internet PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Smart-phones and Land-line telephones can be used to access and update information, anytime from anywhere.

It costs nothing to schools. School2000/UK recovers its investment [US$ 30,000 to 60,000 + 20% annual maintenance] over 4 to 5 years from parent subscriptions.

What School2000/UK offers

  • A partnership where we provide the Technology, Finance and Support for the project, and Schools provides the Platform to mutual benefit
  • Project finance to pay for Software, Hardware, Support and Maintenance
  • Hardware supplied depends on number of Parents who subscribe
  • A Coordinator who will work the school and make sure all is well
  • If more than 3 schools require a Module or Program that we don't provide we will design it within 3 months
  • Expertise of more than 100 man-years of graduates in Engineering, Programmers, Linguists, Teachers and designers with International Patents in designing computer-hardware

Integrated System

  • All Programs/Modules in School2016 share the same database. This makes it faster and more reliable.
  • For example when a student leaves the schools, the library modules is checked for outstanding books.
  • For example when a student is Absent/Late Parents and Guardians are automatically and immediately alerted by Email and Text
  • School2016 can work in schools spread over many buildings
  • Group schools in different in different towns, cities and countries such as Don Bosco can be integrated for Management control and comparison.
  • A local School2016/PC or controller is provided to allow interface to RFID Attendance, Telephone interface etc

Payment Terms

  • School2000/UK meets capital cost, cost of finance, cost of 3rd party services so that there is not cost to the schools. To pay for the project parents must pay a monthly subscription
  • Parents can pay in local currency thru Western Union and Paypal. Other money transfer services such as World-pay will be added. There may be service charges levied by these company, which is much cheaper than bank transfer charges