One of the advantages of modern Technology is the availability and storage of large volumes of information. These can be measurable data [from Attendance, Grades, Homework etc] and qualitative data [Assessment of Teachers].

School2016 analyses information that is stored and reports unexpected or abnormal conditions by Email and Text messages, to Teachers and Parents of each Student. This happens almost immediately, without day, as and when it happens. This enables immediately action with delays.


Real-time alert systems are found throughout the world in Health-care systems, Banks, Construction projects, Defense systems etc. These can be classified as simple or complex systems. Simple alerts include situations such as when Students are Late/Absent, when Homework is Assigned/Due/Late and so on.

Email alerts and reminders are free. Unlike Text-messages can be much longer and can include attachments

Text Alerts

  • Text messages are received immediately wherever they are
  • Text messages are not FREE
  • Alerts can also be delivered by Text
  • Mostly the main parent usually asks Alerts to be additionally delivered to his/her Mobile-phone
  • Maximum message length is only 132 Bytes. Text messages are mostly used as alerts so parent are aware of the main message which is usually longer and may contain attachments

Reminders and Circulars

    Reminders and Circulars serve to made sure events and important tasks are not forgotten or missed.

Integrating Technology

  • Total and seamless integration is essential for these communications of School2016 to work reliably. All modules must share the same integrated Database, which is basis of School2016 technology
  • Modules that send Email and Text-messages have access to the integrated Database. Alerting programs in School2016 routinely searches for events and situation in the Database that Parents, Teachers and Students need to know and sends Email and Text alerts automatically.