RFID Monitoring

RFID identifies Students and Teachers by the RFID Card [called Tags] they carry. The Time, Date, ID is recorded in School2016 database. Once stored in the Database, any of the 30 integrated modules can access it.

RFID Tags are given to each Student and Teacher when the project starts commercially. Tags are expensive and must be purchased by the user, if lost or damaged. RFID tags are printed by School2000/UK and posted once a month.

Overhead Monitoring

RFID Tags require to be seen by the RFID reader, which is mounted on the ceiling. Students in front will not block the "line of sight" of others as RFID readers look down to view RFID tags on Students and Teacher as they walk past.

Optionally we can provide a beep and may also display identified Students and Teachers, which can be used to check if RFID Tags have been identified.

Student ID Card

  • RFID Cards are the same size of a business car, a little thicker.x
  • ID photograph, Name, Class-name and other details can be printed on each RFID Card.
  • RFID technology is safe, and cannot be copied. Details of RFID is not freely available. details. Each RFID is programmed to contain specific details of each user.
  • RFID Cards are replaced after 5 years.

RFID Technology

  • RFID Tags contain a miniature electronics, battery and antenna. These are not visible in the final RFID Tag.
  • Batteries lasts 5 years
  • There are two types of RFID - Active and Passive. Passive RFID is more expensive and is more penetrative. It can identify Tags even if it is in the pocket, schools bags of Students
  • Active RFID is more expensive