School2016 Subscription

If Parents like School2016/Trial and want to subscribe to the School2016/Service they can pay their monthly subscriptions in local currency using Western Union over the Internet or through local agents. Payment can be for one/more months. Money is transfered in minutes. Parents must be update payments made on School2015 website, within 3 days.

Details of all payment made and due is displayed on our website. Click Western Union to see how you can pay.


Paypal is another very popular world-wide money transfer service. It is reliable and similar to Western Union.

Banks and many theres offer this service. Bank may charge more and may take many days. Click Paypal for details.

The reason we prefer Western Union and Paypal is they operate all over the world. If Parents prefer other services which are simpler or cheaper, we would be happy to interface to them. Please contact us.

Why Subscription?

  • School2000/UK provides funds to cover the cost of School2016 [US$ 30,000 to US$ 60,000 depending on the number of students and features required], Training, Support, Maintenance and Upgrade, as well as running cost, Finance cost, management and technical support etc.
  • Annual maintenance cost is 20%/year
  • Since School2000/UK pays for everything, schools don't have to pay anything. Schools get to use School2016 with about 30 modules Free of cost.
  • School2000/UK meets its on-going costs and recovers its investment over 4 to 5 years, from subscriptions


  • No hardware is supplied until subscription reaches 300, 500 and 900, when School2000/UK supplies a School2015/PC, Telephone interface and RFID Automatic Attendance respectively.
  • Until then School2016 runs on the Internet and Mobile communications
  • This makes it easy for schools to get started. Parents take their time to join the School2016/Project and this allows Parents to join gradually.
  • Only Parents who subscribe will have access to details of their children.
  • Schools get what they need and Parent satisfaction increases.
  • School2015 is really effective when RFID, Telephone-interface and E-Lessons are installed.