Schools in Multiple buildings

Some schools are separated into many buildings that are nearby. Sometimes the buildings may far away, perhaps in another part of the Town or City.

Students and Teachers are considered and managed as they are in the same school. There may also be movement of Teachers and Students between buildings. If Automatic Attendance using RFID is used, an RFID reader is required for each building. In such cases each school building must have a School2016/PC to which RDIF readers are connected.

To enable Teachers to use Smart-phones without having to pay for Mobile data usage, we advise schools to install Wifi within the school.

Additional Notes

  • The number of Wifi repeaters/hubs depend on the distances involved within each school building. The distance between Wifi repeaters/hubs should be 80 to 100 feet but this may reduce if there are walls in the way. It is better to check the signal strength
  • Teachers and Office-staff may be Smart-Phones and Tablets within the schools in areas where Wifi signal is good. When Teachers enter their own Attendance, Homework, Grades, Behaviour etc, much of the administrative workload is eliminated.
  • Data errors are also reduced considerably [compared to encoders entering data] as Teachers are familiar with their students and the data they manage.

Integrating Multiple Schools

There are organisations such as De La Salle and Don Bosco that run different schools in different Towns and Cities, even countries.

Although each schools in run independently, management may like to company the performance and other aspects to develop Best-Practices.

School2016 offer to provide a consolidated Database which allow on-line comparisons