When goods are purchased outright, AMC [Annual Maintenance Contacts] which is usually 20% of the purchase must be paid. This will guarantee the suppliers will keep stock of spares and maintenance staff. This is essential for most purchases, and especially so for computerised systems where Software may contract virus and must be removed,

Avoiding Annual Maintenance Contact] will face serious delays and costs.


  • That is not all, Schools must also hire IT specialists to look after their computers and provide support to make them work reliably
  • IT specialists are expensive. Schools are not always able to just their real worth until some problem occurs. They are keep changing jobs frequently, which is not good.
  • It is far better to contract maintenance support from the supplier who supplied the equipment as they know all about their products.
  • In the case of School2016, the supplier [School2000/UK] also pays for School2016, and provides maintenance, without any cost to the school. This is because, they need School2016 to work reliably to make sure parents subscribe.


  • Computer Software require frequent upgrades. Upgrades may not only apply to the main products but also to associated components and software such as the Operating system, Anti-virus, Drivers etc., which is also expensive
  • Schools may require additional modules. School2000/UK offer additional modules without cost to all schools if at least 3 schools express and interest.
  • Some schools may opt for a small configuration when they start, to reduce the cost, and at a later date with to add more modules.
  • Perhaps the most important consideration is School2016 is a single product, that is funded and maintained by one supplier