Inventory Control

Inventory Control or Stock control can be broadly defined as "the activity of checking a school’s stock or supplies". In schools the availability in the stores of items such as notebooks, writing-material, books, fuel for vehicles, heaters, spares and various consumables must be checked. When stocks go below re-order levels they must be ordered from approved suppliers. If stocks go below critical-level, adequate temporary-supplies must be ordered.


  • Items from stores can be physically collected by authorised users
  • Availability of items can be checked by authorised users on line before requisitioning them
  • Details of items issued must be entered on Internet PC or Smart-phone when they are collected
  • Items needed can also be requisitioned by authorised users and staff in charge of stores can deliver it. Alternately School2016 could send an Alert requesting collection
  • Schools can have more than one stores. There can be one or more main-store with one/more support stores
  • If there are more than one building, each can have their own stores


  • As items are issued from stores the stock-level falls. School2015 has current stock of each item on-line
  • When the number of items falls below re-order level of any item, suggested re-order quantity is printed along with their approved suppliers
  • Re-order quantity will naturally depend on the storage-space availability, and delivery-times of approved suppliers
  • School2016 generates a Re-order list, on demand, which must be approved by management before orders are placed on selected suppliers
  • School2016 also maintains a list of critical-levels. When items fall below critical-level. these items must be ordered immediately