Internet PC & Smartphone Access

School2015 works over the Internet as well as with Mobile communication. It can be installed for use in a local School2016/PC and also work on the Cloud. School2016 works much more reliably on the Cloud as Internet is usually faster. The problem with working with Cloud is School216 becomes slow or stops working when Internet becomes slow or stops working.

In remote areas Internet is not always reliable.

PC and Smart-phone Access

Having both Internet access and Mobile communication is best for Parents. Smart-phones will alter them when they need to know something and PCs/Laptops are good for looking at reports on large screens.

Teachers mostly use Smart-phones to mark Attendance in class, or use a blank Attendance sheets to mark Attendance and transpose it later. PCs/Laptops are used to analysis, comparisons etc. Analysis etc.

Telephone Access

School2016 allows up to 4 Parents, Grandparents and Guardians to access records on their children inTeachers, Parents, Office-staff can access School2016.

Some, especially older Parents and Grandparents do not want/like Modern devices. They can use Land-line Phones to listen to voice messages.

Our recommendation

Parents are usually busy and stressed during the day, as most of them work for a living. They have their own problems and may find if difficult to make time to study the progress, achievements and failing of their children in school.

Grandparents on the other hand are usually FREE. They love their grandchildren and will be happy to spend time studying their progress. They can advise their sons/daughters.