Human Resources ManagEment

HRM [Human Resources Management] is a complex issue. It should not be implemented without accurately measuring the real achievement and lapses of Teachers, Staff and other employees. For HRM to work effectively information pertaining to each person must be unbiased, available in a verifiable undisputed manner. School2016 records data of each person and provide reports and summaries to make sure the assessment and action taken are fair and legitimate.

Attendance, Deductions, Salaries

Attendance information including authorised and unauthorised Absence and overtime, Late-arrival, Early-leaving, Behaviour etc., are all recorded in School2016. These records can be made available to each employee for verification.

Management can access these records when promotions are considered. Fines, Loans and repayment can be taken into account when the net salary is calculated ever month.


Assessment is managed differently in each school. School2016 designers will work with each school to design an automated HRM system that gathers information about employees throughout the academic year to access each employee properly. Of particular interest is the academic records and improvement of their student.

Assessment is weighted by importance and on facts. Outcome can be quantitatively justified.


HRM will deliver accurate, quantitative information as the year proceeds. It will expose the strengths and weakness of each of your employees.

Some may require training in specific areas, which can be scheduled/arranged based on urgency and importance. Training should be part of everyday life, so there is constant and undeniable improvement of teaching standards.