How is School2016 funded

School2000/UK uses its own funds and resources to pay for the following

  1. School2016 software and Hardware such as Computers, RFID Readers and Tags, Telephone-Interface, Video hardware etc estimated at US$ 30,000 to 60,000 depending on number of students
  2. Maintenance cost at 20% per year
  3. School2000/Coordinator to support the school
  4. Training
  5. Finance and Administration cost
  6. 3rd party services
  7. Upgrades

School2016 Services offered

  • For up to 300 students who pay monthly subscription no hardware is offered. School2016 works in any Internet device [such as PCs and Laptops] and Mobile device [such as Tablets and Smart phones]
  • Above 500 students who pay monthly subscription we also provide the Telephone Interface
  • Above 1000 students who pay monthly subscription we also provide Automatic Attendance using RFID Readers and Tags
  • Only parents who subscribe can access their children's records over the Internet and are alerted by Email [FREE} and by Text [Paid] when their Children are Late/Absent, Homework is Assigned/Due/Late and so on.

Monthly Subscription

  • Monthly payments made are by parents is like monthly rental for a house or building. They contribute to the School2016 project.
  • If sufficient number of parents do not subscribe the School2016 project and its hardware options are not funded.
  • The license to use School2015 Software and Hardware options remains as long as the minimum number of parents subscribe. If the minimum number of parents who subscribe falls below the minimum requirement, then the appropriate Hardware must be returned to School2000/UK.
  • School2016 Software and Hardware is offered under a License to use agreement.

Funding, Termination and Restart

  • At the end of 5 years, the Hardware supplied t0 the school, is donated to the school, and new Hardware is provided. This assumes that Parents keep subscribing for School2016
  • If at any time the number of parents falls below it qualifying level, additional services will be terminated automatically, and the Hardware beyond the limit must be returned to School2000/UK within 30 days
  • Each school will be send a status of the list of parents subscribing, so they may take appropriate action
  • The schools may wish to take charge of collecting from Parents. If they take this responsibility, School2000/UK will pay for this service. Usually this is done by the School's PTA