Limitation with Government Schools

Many schools funded by the Government are not allowed to accept money from Parents. This is not the case in UK, but may be the case in other countries. School2000/UK offers to supply School2016 Software to Government schools world wide without any charge. No Hardware is included in this offer. The offer is limited to 30 schools in each country, 3 schools a month and a maximum of 5 schools in any town or city.

The purpose is to show the Department of Education in various countries the power and benefits to Schools and its Managers, Parents, Students and Staff. Database and Encoding must be provided by each school.

If the Dept of Education like it, they can ask for an unlimited license to use at Government Schools in their country

Govt.Schools with Internet PCs/Laptops

  • Government schools with Internet PCs and Laptops, as well as Mobile Tablets and Phones can access School2016 over Internet and Mobile links.
  • Telephone Interface and Automatic Attendance cannot be used unless a local PC is used for School2016
  • If WiFi communication in installed within the school and linked to School2016/PC, Mobile and Internet Link is not used, reducing cost

Govt Schools without PCs

  • Teachers can use Smart-phones to Enter, Edit and Manage - - Attendance, Homework, Grades and Behaviour on Smart-phones
  • Tablet PC may be nice to see Reports, Summaries, and Accounts
  • Reports can be delivered by Fax or as Email attachment

School without Electricity or Communications over Internet or Mobile

  • Electric power is not needed unless PCs and Laptops are used. A wind-mill or Solar-Panel can be used to provide limited power
  • Wifi can be installed in specific convenient locations, or the whole school can be covered with multiple repeaters. Teachers and Staff use Smart-phones and Tablets to access and update School2016.
  • Low-power School2016/Controller can be purchased for use with 12VDC battery, charged by windmill or Solar-panel