FREE Telephone Interface

with School2016

School2016 allows up to 4 Parents and Grandparents to access details of a Student. Grandparents generally have more free time than Parents. However many Grandparents don't like PCs, Smart-Phones and Tablets. They prefer to dial School2016 to listen to voice messages on telephones.

Even if they have Cell-phones or Smart-phones, they can start listening to voice message from School2016.

How it works

  • Grandparents and/or Parents receive Email alerts [Free] when they need to be informed of something. Text alerts are optional. Examples are Homework assignments, circulars etc
  • When alerted, they can then dial School2016, log in and select 1 for Attendance, 2 for Homework, 3 for Grades and so on.
  • Over a period of time, they will learn to use School2016 on browsers.

Languages Support

  • The world has truly become International. More and more people are working away from home, often in other countries
  • More are also marrying foreigners. It means communication in different languages is not an option. It is mandatory for modern systems
  • School2016 can support any language supported by Microsoft. We need is a good translation and someone to do voice-recording in each language

RJ45 Adapters connect

School2016/PC to Landlines

  • We provide software, drivers and hardware for each set of 500 Students.
  • Each adapter above connects one telephone line to School2016. Several adapters can be used. Adapters connect School2016 to a land-line only when it is not in use. This means, the same Telephone land-line is shared by the School and School2016.
  • Schools must provide the landlines