School2016 without local PC

Where Internet is reliable and fast, schools do not need a School2016/Server. The Server can be in the Cloud, which is accessible on the Internet, 24/7. This is the latest technology and offers many advantages. Low cost, No Hardware to maintain.

However the disadvantage is local devices such as Automatic Attendance with RFID, Telephone Interface, E Lessons etc The best solution is to use both technologies.

School2016/ with local PC

School2016 also works on a local stand-alone Windows PC. The school has physical possession of their database. School2016/PC allows School2016 to work even with Internet and Mobile communication is not there. It uses Wifi within the school.

School2016/PC also work with Internet and Mobile communication when it is available. Our competitors who not have the skills and technology to offer both technologies.


In remote locations where there is Internet and Mobile communication, but where power is not reliable, we can provide a School2016/Controller that offer WiFi communication within the school on Wifi. School2016/PC also work with Internet and Mobile communication when it is available. Size: 6" x 4" x 2"

Solar Panels and UPS [Uninterrupted Power School] charge batteries, that provides power for a few shifts.


  • Local School2016/PCs with Cloud support is the best of both technologies and is suitable for large school with more than 1,000 students
  • School2016/Controllers are more suited for use in remote schools in India, in schools in remote island in Philippines and so on.
  • To our knowledge we do not know of any product that can match our technology. Companies such as IBM and Unisys may have such technologies but they only cater to very large installations costing several Million US$
  • Parents in Government High-schools do not pay subscription. We can offer School2015 software [without hardware] to Govt. High schools.