School2016 is good for Students

  • Students must experience high technology and get familiar with it. Being good and familiar with Computers and Technology would give them access to jobs worldwide. Students who are good in English and in Computers are in demand. Almost all emerging jobs definitely require competence in Computers.

  • No one can learn to swim without getting into the water, and practicing. If Students see the benefit of RFID [Radio Frequency Identification], Telephone-interface, E-Learning etc in schools, they will get interested. When

  • We also offer to train students in Computer programming. Here it is better to learn from a company who are already leaders in the field. Students who learn from us will be guaranteed to learn, design and program website that are database driven. Students can design websites to help their parents's business and also use it to earn money. They will also be awarded certification of courses attended and achievement, which they can proudly add to their resume. It will be good if Students can show the websites they designed on the Internet.