Everything is recorded

One advantage of computerisation is that all relevant Data and Transactions are stored in an on-line Database, which can be accessed, by authorised users anytime, from anywhere in the world. For example, when Teachers Enter/Mark Attendance or Homework, the details are stored by School2016 is a Database. Programs such as Parent-Communication can access the Database to alert Parents when their children are Late or Absent, when Homework is Assigned, Due or Late, as well as generate reports.

Database in School2016/PC

School2016 Database must be available to authorised users anytime, from anywhere in the world, as many parents live away from home. Some schools insist the Database is stored in their in-house PC. This is not adequate security as the Database can be copied and distributed by Staff. Database stored in School2016/PC is encrypted and cannot be opened without Password. Password is only given to the Principal. School2016 programs can access the Database, as they have the Password.

Safeguarding the Database

Data in School2016/PC must be kept safe. Database stores recent as well as past data over for the past 5 to 10 years. Schools are beginning to realise the importance of computerised systems that can do this. School2016 keeps a copy of the encrypted database in a local disc. But when the hardware fails local discs may be damaged. School2016 offers an option to store the Database over the Internet, which is safe even when local hardware fails damaged. A precaution may be use a local USB stick.

Data Backup

Database in School2016 is encrypted, which means nobody [ not even Staff ] can use the stored data without encrypting Password. The password is only provided to the Head and Principal. Head and Principal must not hand over the Password to anyone. School2016 programs already have the password and do not need it to run. Protecting details of Children and Parents is very important and in the UK it is given only to those who have been verified by the Police.