Sending Emails through School2016

Students and Parents world-over are familiar with Emails & Text-messages and use them extensively. However sending Email manually to different groups is tedious, subject to human-errors and is time-consuming. School2016 allows Teachers to send Emails to Students & Parents in his/her Subject-group, Class-group, Year-groups and new groups. Example: Homework and Circulars. It is easy and simple to learn and use.

Text Alerts to Email

School2016 can automatically sends Text-alerts to Parents who have agreed to pay for them, when Emails are sent. Not everyone sees their Emails regularly. This is a good way to make Parents aware of the Email.

Response of Teachers

It is good when Students and Parents can communicate with Subject-Teachers, Class-Teachers and Office-Staff, without disturbing Teachers and Staff-members . There is always a danger of too many Emails putting excessive strain on Teachers and Staff-members. To prevent this school can impose a maximum number of Emails from Students and Parents per week, month, term or year.

Fax delivery

There may be circumstances when Parents and Guardians prefer messages to be delivered by Fax. School2016 offer an option to additionally send messages by Fax. Some may prefer printed documents. Fax is a legal document unlike Email which may offer some attraction to those who need it. Unlike Email Fax delivery is not FREE. Fax delivery charges depend on the country where they are delivered. Please ask for details.