Tuition over the Internet

Many students need tuition. There is no point going into the reasons now. Let us just consider the best and most effective way to offer tuition. At present teachers go to homes of students or perhaps invite students to their homes. Both are intrusive. This may also involve a lot of travel and is dependent on the weather. It is most inconvenient especially when it rains.

Also teachers can only tutor those within traveling distance and one/two at a time

Tuition over Internet

Many organisations offer E-Learning over the Internet, where learners use PCs, Tablets and Smartphones. The problems with these courses are, they are general in nature. They do not help students with their subjects, as taught in the school.

Teachers can use of course use Skype to tutor one student at a time. Everything must be manages manually and personally. This is seriously cumbersome. It requires teachers to be experts in computers.

Tutor 2016

Tutor2016 allows each teacher to teach up to 9 students at a time. During tuition students can see the tutor as show in the bottom-left of the screen above and listen to him/her. Teacher can see each Students during the tuition. Teachers can communicate by voice with one student at a time or address them all collectively. Documents can be exchanged. Tutor2016 schedules tuitions and remind/alert them by Email and Text before each tutorial. Parents can review the progress.

Benefits and overall advantages

Teachers always want to earn more than the salary they receive for teaching . So they offer tuitions privately, which is legal. However private tuition is beyond the control and monitoring of the school. School2016 allows Teachers to offer tuition to students under the control and support of the school.

Teachers can also offer tuition to students worldwide. Many families abroad want their children to learn their native language and keep in touch with their own education systems. Foreign business will want to learn local languages. Businessman may require translation of documents. These tasks can be done jointly by the school and the team of their Teachers with an income sharing arrangement. Everything can be managed professionally.