E Learning

E-Learning is general in nature. For example if you want to know about Alexander the Great, or Buddha, you would use E-Learnning. It is not suited to learn curriculum subjects, particularly what is taught for a particular group of students in subject-group, in a school as per their timetable.

E-Learning is also not particularly suited for students. It is designed for a general user.

E Lessons

  • E-Lessons is designed for students. Students learn their subjects as a video on Smrtphones and/or Internet computers, which are recorded by their own teahcers. Teachers record E-Lessons as a video using Android phones. Teachers can record video in staff-rooms or in their homes A one-hour lesson can be recorded in 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Students who were absent [for any reason] or slow-learners who need to learn a lesson many times are not suported by schools. Schools presently do not have the means to do this affordably. E-Lessons is the answer
  • During the Covid-19 shutdown, schools can offer E-Lessons. Schools can offer to coninue to during. Schools can teach students in other parts of the country and the world. E-Lessons can help schools evolve tote changing environment. We have to face the recession and things we have been doing things till date

Teacher setting up Camera

  • It is very easy to record videos in a school. Most of what is needed is available. A black/white board, some markers, a Android camera on a stand/tripod is all that is required
  • During shut-down/holidays/Pandamic recording facilities may not be available. Teachers can still record E-Lessons without leaving their homes, using what is available. Email [email protected] and ask for tutorials about recording E-Lesson or any other assistance
  • If the recording is not up to expectation it can be re-corded until expected standards are reached.

This is a video recording in Calcutta made at home, with only an Android phone by school-consultant locked down in the Pandamic. Click Start Arrow

  • There are different formats
    [1] The simplest is for teachers to explain the lesson without any diagrams/drawings.
    [2] Same as [1] but showing pictures/drawings/documents in the video.
  • We will provide assistanct and support for making videos