School2016 Demo

School2016/Demo is a way for Schools and Teachers to experience how School2016 works, without any pressure, cost or commitment. School2016/Demo works on popular browsers. Easy to use

Even those who are not good in using computers can learn to use the Attendance module [about 5 minutes] and mark Attendance in about 10 seconds per class.

Notes about the Demo

  • Demo and Trial is offered FREE, without any cost or commitment. Schools can see how easy it is to learn and use School2016
  • School2016/Attendance module work on any popular browser. It works on Smart-Phones, Tablets and Internet-PCs
  • Only sample students are shown in the Demo. There is no need to enter the names of real students
  • In a commercial School2016, Teachers can use Smart-phone in class rooms
  • In a commercial School2016,S chool2016 works even without Internet within the school. Wifi is used to communicate with School2016/server
  • Please click for an Internet Demo


  • The Demo essentially show how easy it is to mark Attendance.
  • In the Demo, we show 5 students, attending 5 Periods. Any Period can changed by clicking it. The first click marks the student [Green / Present]. The 2nd click marks the students [Absent / Red] and cycles.
  • Anytime [Export to CSV] is clicked, Attendance details are sent as a CSV [Comma Separated File] which can be download on PCs, Laptops and capable Smart-phones

School2016 Trial

  • Schools that liked the Demo can proceed to a Trial
  • In a Trial we enter names of Real Students and install Attendance, Homework and Parent communication
  • We recommend the Trial is started in one class.
  • If Teachers and Parents like School2016, we can add other classes and modules. Parents must start subscribing.