Automatic Attendance

Many schools still use Attendance Sheets and Registers to mark Attendance of Student and send it to the school-office. Problems with Register and Attendance-sheets is they are available only during school-hours. Only one person can access/use them at a time. Registers and Attendance-sheets may be misplaced, lost or damaged. Attendance must be encoded into computers before it can be shared, processed, and included into reports.

Automatic Attendance

With School-2016, Attendance can be automatically marked when Students, Teachers, Office-staff and other employees [carrying RFID cards] enter or leave the building. Attendance records in School016 is updated.

RFID readers are placed at the main entrance of the building. If there are more than one entrance or more building, an RFID readers must be places in each entrance.

Inside RFID

Each card contains a miniature battery, miniature electronics and a miniature antenna coil. Each RFID card periodically transmits a unique ID, which is identified by an RFID reader that is located at the entrance of building. Very few schools can afford to purchase and maintain them. RFID cards [also referred to as RFID Tags] are expensive.

RFID cards look and feel like a business-card and are quite convenient to carry.

Teacher's workload

All the work related to marking Attendance, Encoding them, as well as generating reports is now done by School2016. Teachers and Staff workload is reduced. Parents are alerted if their Children are Late/Absent.

RFID entries is displays on Teacher's Cell Phone, for verification / Edit in class-rooms. This is necessary as some Students may not have brought their ID Cards or lost them. Till replaced, this is necessary.