Email Alerts

School2015 automatically sends FREE Email alerts to each Student's Parents, Grandparents and Guardians, when the Students are Late [or Absent], when Homework is Assigned [Due or Late] and so on. This keeps Parents informed. Being informed, Parents can take immediate action and fix problems before they become serious and fester. For example if the grades are not to expectation, parents could purchase books, arrange tuitions and so on. Bad outcomes are prevented.

Cell Phone Alerts

PCs and Laptops are not always kept switched-ON. They also take a long time to boot-up and often catch virus. Cell-phones and Smart-phones on the other hand are faster are used a lot more frequently. Alerts can be delivered as Voice-messages and Text-messages, if parents pay for their use.

Many say Cell/Smart phones are intrusive. Here at School2015 we feel parents must be informed about their children even if Parents are at work.

Communication in Foreign Languages

In today's world everything is getting progressively more International. Many foreigners send their children to study abroad. Many marry foreigners. The need to communicate in foreign languages is becoming more important. School2016 being ahead of others already offer Parent-communication in multiple languages. Please ask us for details.

Additional Notes

  • Without Alerts, Parents only come to know about their children progress/problems when it is too late, probably at PTA [Parents Teachers Association] meetings which takes place only a few times a year. This may be too late. School2016 overcomes this problem elegantly.
  • Parents are alerted on-line without delay, so they can take immediate action
  • In Private schools, where they pay high annual fees and meet high association expenses, the cost of Parent subscription is negligible. The money well spent. After paying a lot, getting a bad result is not acceptable. The future of their children may be irrevocably affected.