School Records

In the past when schools did not use computers, records were stored in Registers/Books. Teachers and Office-Staff who needed access to Attendance, Grades, Homework etc, needed physical access to Registers/Books. Since was only possible during school-hours, they have to wait their turn.

This often requires Teachers to stay back and work after school-hours.

Partial computerisation

Many schools still use spread-sheets such as EXCEL to manually store and analyse data. This eliminated the need for Books/Registered. The restriction that only person can use stored-data remains.

Unless Teachers used networked Laptops [which was expensive], details relating to Attendance, Homework, Grades, Fees etc was recording in Data-sheets and sent to the school-office for encoding.

Current Technology

Latest Computerised Management systems allow many Teachers, Students, Parents and Staff to use concurrently.

Teachers, Parents and Students can use Smart-Phones and Tablet-PCs to Access and Enter details. They are portable, convenient and easy to use. Training requirement is low as almost everyone knows how to use Smart-Phones. PCs and Laptops with larger screens are better for Analysis and Reports.


It is important that Parents are aware of their Student's achievements and failing, in a timely a and reliable manner.

Computers and Laptops take a long time to boot. They are also subject to virus attacks. Smart-phone are quicker and easier to use. School2016 automatically alerts Parents by Email and Text, when their Children are Late/Absent, when Homework is Assigned/Due/Late.